Conference for February 11 | 2023

“The Power of Decision! This theme was born through a decision I made 13 years ago that has reflected in my life these days! We have to be radical in certain decisions in our lives, don’t let other people’s minds go to you, it’s your decision, nobody can make it for you! The moment I hit rock bottom on drugs I had to make a decision it was life or death I had nowhere to run! In God I sought strength and my life was transformed!”


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Júnior Araújo

age 35

“The Power of Decision! This theme was born through a decision I made 13 years ago that has reflected in my life these days!”


Vitor Belfort

age 45

“With an exclusive training method based on Strenght, Power and Endurance, Belfort Fitness Lifestyle offers you 365 different workouts for an entire year.”

World MMA Champion, 2021

Raush Manfio

age 33

“Campeão da PFL e agora milionário, conheça a incrível história de vida de Raush Manfio, que não lutava há três anos e estava prestes a abandonar o MMA.”


The Power of Decision


From one day to the next, your life changes and you have to adapt to a new way of living. In a different way. I was used to doing things 19 years ago that I had to change overnight. To this day, I continue to evolve and get used to this new life. A wonderful life full of challenges. I can say that there are very difficult moments, which serve to value the wonderful moments. There is no light without darkness, and we have to be aware of that. Today is a special day, because once again I decided to fight, I want to congratulate all colleagues who have some kind of disability like me. Nobody chose to be in this situation, but what we can choose is how to deal with it. To a greater or lesser degree, we all struggle every day to move forward, whether we have a disability or not. For we will always have adversity, and we will always find strength in God. When I think I’m missing something, the only thing I’m missing is the attitude of appreciating what I have. Because it’s true that I don’t have everything on a physical level, but I have everything on an energetic level. Which in the end is who we are. It’s in our hands God gave us the Power of Decision! The power of decision !

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